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"Unleash your inner strength and cultivate self-confidence at The Self Defense Institute,
a leading martial arts school in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Since 1999, we've empowered individuals of all ages, from 3 1/2 to 18 years and adults, with the skills and discipline to excel in martial arts and beyond."

The Self-Defense Institute
               Self-Defense Training Tewksbury| Fitness| Martial Arts School in Tewksbury| Karate Lessons|

Self-Defense Training Tewksbury| Fitness| Great Activity| Martial Arts| Karate Lessons| Karate Training Children and Adults|

 Established in 1999

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Tewksbury Karate/Martial Arts
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Celebrating 25 Y
ears in Tewksbury - 2024 

                                  25th Annual Spring 
Registration is Open
                      Ages 3 1/2 - 18 Years and Adults

        Monthly Tuition is $139.  No contracts.  Family and Corporate Rates.
                   Training Programs are tailored to each age group.  Ask for schedule.

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Fitness & Self-Defense Programs
TSDI-Tewksbury Karate/Martial Arts

Instruction for ages 3.5-18 years and adults. All classes increase focus, patience, self-control, confidence, balance, coordination, flexibility/agility, etc.

Tewksbury Karate

Discover the personal benefits of training

at The Self-Defense Institute, Tewksbury, MA.

TSDI - News
Karate in Tewksbury, Massachusetts

As seen on ABC Family, TBS, Discovery, SPIKE, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Animal Planet and Comedy Central. 

Established in 1999                    Over 35 Years Experience
                               Fitness, Karate, Self-Defense...Martial Arts  in Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Tewksbury Karate and Tewksbury Martial Arts
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