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Testimonials - Student Reviews  

Read testimonials of students who train at The Self-Defense Institute in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

We take pride in providing students of all ages with a path to discipline and self-esteem.

Activity in Tewksbury MA
"Learning about the training has become a wonderful chapter in my life.  It has enriched my life, and has given me an opportunity to gain more self-confidence in my abilities to achieve and deal with the daily social challenges that exist today.  The various workouts that I attend and the techniques shown to me by the instructors at The Self-Defense Institute, whose knowledge demonstrate years of hard work and conditioning, are very valuable to me at this time my life.  Self-confidence has taken on a new meaning that continues to grow in me as I continue to train.  Clearly, my choice to train at The Self-Defense Institute in Tewksbury, MA, has been the right choice for me."         - male age 35

"Life seems to be more balanced and my family is more meaningful to me today.  This training has changed me in a positive way by broadening my mind, improving my physical condition, and opening my eyes to training that is adding value to my life."
- male age 19, college student

"In addition to improved physical conditioning, balance, flexibility, and strength, I believe that the changes in my life due to training include: a positive attitude, patience, perseverance, and self-confidence, with a great deal of respect for myself and others."
- male age 17, high school student

"The Self-Defense Institute's instructors keep the classes interesting and challenging by constantly instructing new things to learn.  I have thanked my instructors for the opportunity to improve my health and physical abilities - bike riding and aerobics were getting old and I needed a new activity.  I received more then a new activity.  I received a program that has developed my ability to keep up with my children.  My energy level has soared since training with The Self-Defense Institute." 
- female age 32, corporate employee

"My instructors have helped me cope with the "bullies."  I no longer look at myself as a looser, but as a person who cares about everyone.  As I get stronger muscles, my mind is getting clearer.  I have learned to respect my teachers and my family, not because I look stronger, but I feel stronger with my thoughts.  My teachers taught us that "If you say you can, then you will!"  Classes are fun and I've learned a lot how to deal with the bullies, and that respect and honesty are very important parts of life."  - age 11
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