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About Us

At the Self-Defense Institute in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, we tailor our professional training programs to meet the needs of adults, corporate employees, and their families.  Our philosophy aims to fortify spirits, cultivate minds, and build energy-charged bodies to create success when balancing work, school, and family life.   

Welcome to The Self-Defense Institute, where we are passionate about empowering individuals with the skills and resources they need.  Our top-notch training programs offer expert instruction.
Educating, Encouraging, & Understanding:

Our chief instructors are certified masters, who have been instructing 'Self-Defense with Practical Results' for over 30 years locally and at corporate locations.


The Self-Defense Institute is a member of

World Martial Arts Federation, Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce, Wilmington/Tewksbury Chamber of Commerce; and many other  associations.

...The Self-Defense Institute and Chief Instructors have been recognized out of hundreds of centers in the Northeast by the Bruce Lee Foundation for their dedication and commitment; exemplary teaching; leadership in the community; and a commitment to "Excellence" standards.


Also, continue to be recognized locally, regionally and nationally for their outstanding methodology, effort, dedication and reliability.

The Self-Defense Institute continues to support our community.  Learn more here:

At The Self-Defense Institute in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, we truly understand that tomorrow's leaders start as today's students.

College Scholarships are awarded to High School Seniors.

Our training is a "Healthy Lead" for students' mind, body and spirit as they balance employment, academic studies, and family values.

At The Self-Defense Institute, we strive to cultivate an environment where every student can embrace diverse perspectives with an open mind, heart, and spirit. Our core principles revolve around wisdom, happiness, and tapping into our inner energy resources.

The students' diverse goals range from personal growth to mental/physical self-discipline.

Believing in yourself is the first step towards achieving your goals. With this mindset and determination, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. So go ahead, dream big and work hard towards making those dreams a reality.

Join us in this journey of personal growth and discovery.

Activity in Tewksbury, MA
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