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The Challenge - True Story

The Challenge - True Story of Focus, Fun, Energy, Excitement, Confidence and Self-Control!

The Power of Kindness - Every Act makes a difference.

Embrace the power of kindness and join the movement!

Kindness is a Super Power; is for everyone; is contagious; is inspiring; is connecting; and is the heart and soul of many. Random Acts of Kindness foster community connections; create a sense of belonging, etc. Every "Act of Kindness" has the potential to inspire positive change in the world. Image a world where kindness is the norm.

Take the challenge and do a Random Act of Kindness to brighten the day for someone: Surprise one with an unexpected visit or phone call; Express your empathy; Give a handwritten card or letter; Babysit for free; Make someone dinner; Go visit your parents; Check on older neighbors; etc., etc., etc. There is no limit on the number of acts of kindness you can perform. Every Act truly makes a difference. #RandomActsOfKindness



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